Feel Something

by Former Vandal

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released June 17, 2014

All songs copyright Former Vandal 2014. All lyrics and music written by Quinn Wentz. Except for track 11 “The Runner and the Lover” written by Quinn Wentz and Shelby Merry. Crowd vocals by Quinn Wentz, Langleigh Cummins, and Shelby Merry. Produced and mixed by Quinn Wentz.
Additional vocals on tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 9 by Langleigh Cummins. mastered by Ursa Major Sound. Photography and jacket design by Quinn Wentz.



all rights reserved


Former Vandal Fort Wayne, Indiana

weird kid making weird music.

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Track Name: Storage Room
storage room // your hands are cracked/ they scab, they bleed/ a product of your obsession/ a need to be clean/ but i was always the mess you couldn’t get to leave/ you set your traps/ and you capture me/ you fill my head with poetry/ every word you strung together became the chains around my feet that kept me/ cause your pulse gets higher/ and your steps get lighter/ setting fire to all the exits/ to make sure/ that i’m right where you want me/and then you put me away/ and you laughed while i begged you to stay/ boxed up in your six foot storage room/ and then you put me away/ and you smiled while i faded to gray/ boxed up in your six foot storage room/ i was a flight risk/ you couldn’t take the chance/ you needed proof that this would work in advance/ found you some new friends/ and a good excuse/ you said, “sink or swim with cast iron shoes.”/ so treat me like the void you’ve grown to live with/ and leave me like the boys you didn’t mean to sleep with/ cause god forbid you breathe deep/ and get too comfortable and start to fall asleep/ when you wake up in a stranger’s bed/ and you have no idea where your heads been at/ i hope you think of me lying in your street/ screaming secrets for the stars to keep/ and you forget to breathe/
Track Name: Spent (Fist Fights)
spent (fist fights) // you sleep inside the webs you weave/ nobody’s buying what you’re selling/ helpless hands and drunken disregard/ i’d love to live life in your shoes/ lead the choir in the ivory tower blues/ a laundry list of friends you’ve been through/ find your spine and crawl home/ stock footage/ you play the victim/ sell me out on believing you/ i’m just a stitch that you outgrew/ pretty girls never die naive/ so you should leave/ you play me out like it’s getting old/ and i play the fool just like usual/ i know what you’ve got hiding up your sleeve/ daddy didn’t love you so you flaunt the vacancy/ you’re breathing cheap wine just to feel something/ so walk this line and preach to me/ i’m all ears to hear your views on me/ you’re slurring scriptures with wine-stained rosaries/ spent like all those nights awake/ convincing yourself/ spent like nights and fist fights with mirrors/ convincing yourself/
Track Name: Dissipate
dissipate // here we go again/ parking lot suspense/ it seems to me we’re always in your car when you’ve got bad news/ but this times different/ you’re dancing around it/ and now that i know i can’t say that i don’t blame you/ you said you never wanted to hurt me/ well what do you call this/ this is the spark that lit it out of control/ this shit is getting old/ stay where you are/ in the corner of your car/ don’t come any closer/ is this what you consider closure?/ stay where you are/ you took it way too far/ you can’t tell me to stop thinking/ i can’t tell you to feel something/ we dissipate/ and fade to gray/ a ghost town built on promises i swear that we had made/ we spent the better half of our down days/ in a summer haze/ talking shit about a small town/ and end up on some back road in another state/ you asked me to leave/ you had a party to be at/ you couldn’t stand to see me a wreck like this/ you gave me a minute to compose/ before you dropped me off at home/ you’re a coward in a stranger’s clothes/ you couldn’t stomach to face what you did/ so just stay where you are/ so if the windmills/ can’t save you/ there’s just no hope for you at all/
Track Name: Lackluster (ft. Langleigh)
lackluster (feat. langleigh) // cut me down/ hit me hard/ same old fight again/ this slam-the-door-start-your-car cycle never ends/ you only drive me crazy/ and i only make you angry/ living life like a broken record/ you always say the same thing/ you say, “baby, I’m never gonna leave you.”/ but somehow I don’t think i believe you/ with the way the speak when you’re lying to me/ and your eyes fix to the floor/ you don’t love me/ and i don’t love you anymore/ set this free/ breathe in deep/ let’s agree to disagree/ you stole my heart/ little thief/ now you’re killing me/ you only tolerate me/ and i only say the wrong things/ lackluster/ we lack lust or anything that’s close to love/
Track Name: Keep Me Steady
keep me steady // i can’t remember growing up/ my first eight years are all but lost/ but i remember pacing late at night/ i guess something’s never change with time/ i know i promised you that i’d be fine/ but i thought you could tell i lied/ so let’s set up shop by the window and pretend that’s what it’s for/ and watch small town drunks stumble by the church/ to the run down bar next door/ and end up sleeping on the floor/ tired and alone/ i’d always end up sleepless/ i’ve been watching static screens for three weeks/ and making sure to keep my weight on both feet/ i’m doing everything you said to keep me steady/ but my head feels heavy/ and i think i’m falling in again/ well i was never too impressed by your bridge/ but i wouldn’t burn it down if it took the memories with it/ it was the summer of repetition/ same streets on a different night/ it was the summer of repetition/ same six sets of stoplights/ i’d sit bored in your backseat for another summer straight/ if it meant thing’s would never change and we would all just stay the same/ i just want someone who will stay/ man, i just want someone/ i left a rope on your nightstand/ you’ve got a choice to make at hand/ you either grab the end and pull me out/ or tie the noose and wrap it around/ i hope you pull me out/
Track Name: I Was a King
i was a king // if it’s any consolation/ i’ve taken your advice/ you said breathe/ steady your feet/ and work on sleeping without the lights/ on the subject of seperation/ it seems you’re doing fine/ you found friends who look better on your arm/ and live life on your time/ and that’s just fine/ and giving up/ is a skill i’m not familiar of/ and the taste of blood on my tongue/ when i wake up/ is a staple of this month/ and i feel like nowhere/ and it’s nothing real/ no it’s nothing real anymore/ it seems so important/ but only while it’s happening/ til it’s gone/ on the subject of reparation/ i think we’re too far gone/ so put to the cigarette to your lip and light it/ and hope like hell that we die young/ if you wonder how i’m doing/ i’m the same as since you left/ i’m still too intense and over sensistive/ and live inside my head/ i’m trying not to/ til you wake up/ in a parking lot/ and you watch your hero fall apart/ he says, “I was a king ‘til they poisoned the throne, and they left me to die in my room all alone. Left my best lines to live at the tip of my tongue. Afraid of god finding out i was someone they’d known. drink to the hope that each drop hits my lungs and i drown in the last thing that made me feel calm.”/
Track Name: Old Roads
old roads // you’ll never be ready for it/ you won’t feel it coming/ like you can smell the rain before a storm/ it just hits you/ you’ll be on your way somewhere/ in the car/ hopefully alone/ when you realize for the past few months you’d forgotten about the past/ but you didn’t kill it/ you let it live in the back of your mind/ and for a few months it was comfortable back there/ collecting dust like the past should/ but all in an instant it’s back/ and you shatter because it makes you/ you pull over because you can’t stop shaking/ because this road is just an old road/ not the road you used to drive down every night when you were happy/ and you smiled more often/ and you could see the windmills from your car/ and their lights blinked at you from the sky/ you hate that road/ but it’s not about the road/ it’s about the people that drove it with you/ it’s about growing up/ it’s about people leaving/ everybody leaving/ and the three months you spent alone in your bed trying to make the room stay still/ but it didn’t/ and then it’s over/ and you come to and you’re pulled over on the side of the road/ standing outside your car/ you can’t remember why you’re there/ or where you were even going/ and it’s just an old road again/ with two yellow lines and a name you can’t remember/ so you get in your car/ and you go home/
Track Name: Suburban Legend
suburban legend // i took the long way home/ all the back roads and side streets we used to own/ it’s nights like this/ that keep me down so low/ you wouldn’t dare to come around/ well, i forgot/ you’re a “legend” in this town/ I should really watch what i say when you’re around/ what’s it matter if i’m all alone/ sell me out/ get your shit/ and head home/ a shallow grave you swallowed us whole/ it’s easy to lie with your hands to your back/ crossing your fingers/ and molding the facts/ it’s harder to breathe with your hands on my throat/ crossing your heart/ and praying for ghosts/ slip into my sleep again/ i set the locks/ you snuck your way in/ how dare i dare forget/ you were always the cause of this/ just let me go/ let me grieve on my own/ you can visit my sleep but not answer your phone?/ two years, too cool/ too late, too soon/ too afraid to feel alone in a big busy room/
Track Name: Flee the Scene
flee the scene // you’ve got no time to waste with me/ and i’ve lost the urge to keep fighting/ so take what you want and flee the scene/ you always lie/ you always leave/ and i do apologize that i won’t apologize that i always apologize for things that aren’t my fault/ and i’ve been tearing at the seams or at least that’s what it seems to feel like/ you coudn’t stitch this if you tried/ you only come around when you’re down and out/ and the timing’s good for you/ you don’t need me until you need me/ so call when it’s convenient and you’ve got spare time to care/ but don’t expect me to answer/ cause i’ve already been there/ and we can make it like it is/ or we can make it like you want to/ paint me a shade of black and let all your friends cry for you/ all i ever wanted was someone to care/ you promised that but you’re never there/ and i remember when i begged you not to leave/ now you’re the one who’s always missing/and i’m just trying not to sink/
Track Name: Letterhead (Explicit)
letterhead // well i’ve been fucking up since ‘94/ it’s nothing new that i ruined you and ended up sleeping on the floor again/ i said, “i’m coming over, i’m anxious. I’m seeing all these circles again and i don’t know how to quit.”/ is this the end?/ the water’s up to my ankles and i don’t wanna drown again/ She said, “Stay strong. Don’t let them drag you along, cause i’m leaving when autumn comes.”/ I’m brushing shoulders with brimstone/ but i am staying afloat/ and convincing myself that i’m better on my own/ I’ve been peeling back miles of dead skin/ i spent the year in a personal prison/ that i had no interest in leaving/ buried myself in the dirt from the past/ so take off your skin/ so keep your eyes closed and keep your fingers crossed/
Track Name: The Runner and the Lover (ft. Shelby Merry)
the runner and the lover (feat. shelby merry) // well, i trust you/ but not enough to place this gun in your hands/ i’ve got a past you couldn’t understand/ I could love you/ but that alone is the reason why i can’t/ love is nothing but a weakness/ shaky hands and your lips/ i feel too safe around you/ i can’t afford to let you love me/ and i will run/ cause lovers love/ and then lovers leave/ and if you say you love me/ then where does that leave me?/ i don’t trust you/ cause you’re everything that i’ve been praying for/ and i’m scared that you won’t find what you came looking for/ i can’t love you/ when i came even learn to love myself/ and love is nothing but a weakness/ shaky hands and your lips/ i feel too safe around you/ i’m begging please just break me in/ where does that leave me?/ dying on the ground asking why i couldn’t see/ cause every devil that i’ve ever loved looked just like a saint/ so would you hold my soul and whisper close that you will never change/ you should leave/ don’t walk away/ cause my past and all this empty space is gonna kill me anyways/
Track Name: I've Got Ten on the Underdog (Explicit)
I’ve got ten on the underdog // trick me like a cheap joke/ a dove inside your suitcoat/ you can’t mean a thing to someone who can’t feel things on their own/ i feel like an idiot/ all this wasted time on you/ you can’t build your life around people who don’t even like you/ burn me like the words your father branded in your skull/ but please don’t try to make your scars heal like they’re my fault/ and you can sleep with who you want but you just won’t find sleep at all/ the void you’ve got’s a pretty one/ but the walls are just too tall/ you won’t even remeber me/ i’m just a kid who forced you to feel something/ and fucked up everything/ i woke you up when shit went wrong/ and had to sleep with the tv on/ i said you won’t remember me/ you know how i get when people leave/ i pace i crash my nerves get weak/ you know every single weakness/ and you used them all against me/ you’ve been collecting broken pieces from when i’m grinding down my teeth/ and hiding them in every word you manage to spit at me/ so lay my body by the wayside/ among the bottles and the trash/ along with every memory you melted down to ash/ so tonight i’ll be a wrecking ball/ throw myself into the wall/ you don’t care/ and you don’t call/ no, you won’t remember me at all/
Track Name: Way Past Saving
way past saving // high tide in the winter snow/ i never knew i could get that low/ cause they said they’d never leave/ but there i was alone/ you cancelled plans to show/ up waiting at my door/ where you said you’d never leave/ and i didn’t believe you/ now here we are/ we were both so sick of being second best/ being a back up plan really gets old fast/ so we vowed to never have to feel that way again/ i’ll put you first/ and you do the same/ and to think that i was so close to the bottom before you came/ summer came and the pain did too/ memories of the friends we knew/ but we held each other close/ and made these nights our own/ three months i was down to far/ we’d just drive in your car/ and you’d play the music loud/ and things would be okay somehow/ and we’re still here/ i think it’s safe to say that you saved me/ when i thought that i was way past saving/ all the late nights at my sister’s house/ and the drives inside your car/ we stayed the same/ we stayed the same/ and to think that i was so close to the bottom before you came/